Win a SOL solar-powered laptop!

Green Living is teaming up with WeWi Telecommunications, Inc. to offer one of our brightest prizes ever—pun intended.

One lucky winner will score a SOL Laptop Marine Edition, the world’s first truly solar-powered laptop. It never needs to be plugged in!

Here’s why we love it:

• It “plugs” into the sun. SOL is engineered for extreme energy efficiency. When the sun isn’t there at night you can run it all night long with its powerful battery.

• You can take it wherever life takes you. With a rugged design, durability and a solar array that allows you to work wherever you are, you can take SOL with you to the most remote places on earth. Using durable, reinforced materials, complex military industrial design and architecture that are meant to keep the laptop in good shape, SOL can survive through the forces of nature and some abuse.

• It doesn’t only have free power—it has free software, too! You don’t need to purchase any more software to get started. SOL comes loaded with all the productivity and creativity tools you need. There are thousands of free apps available online with UBUNTU, the world’s increasingly popular and powerful operating system.

• SOL is not only a green machine, but also a powerful device built for people who have no access to electricity. In a world where 1 in 4 people have little to no access to stable electricity infrastructure, the entirely self-sustained, rugged and affordable SOL device is in high demand in Africa, Middle East and South America.

Find out more about this awesome laptop, set to be released in Canada mid-December.

Value: $400 USD

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Prize delivery date is subject to availability in North America (expected in mid-December).

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