What's in our $2,000 Buy Canadian First Care Package ?


Elvira Jewellery - 

Earrings (W801E8) $16.00 - a necklace (W801N39) $78.00 - a bracelet (801B22) $44.00

Ontario - Elvira's ability to style beautiful original jewellery stems from her innate talent to combine the unusual colours of semi-precious stones with crystal, silver, glass, copper pearls, brass and other metals. Working from her studio in Ingersoll, her wearable art is now available at hundreds of shops and boutiques from Victoria, BC, to St. John's, NL.



Memory foam ergonomic pillow $149.00

Quebec - Essentia develops and manufactures products that produce 88% less waste during production than most mattress manufacturers. Derived from renewable resources, their 100% biodegradable mattresses and memory foam products are good for both the environment and consumers' health. This specially molded pillow uses the best qualities of memory foam to create the ultimate neck support pillow.

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