What's in our $2,000 Buy Canadian First Care Package ?


Canadian Cozy

Bamboo shopping cart cozy $60.00

Ontario - A sleek shopping cart cover made with hip and fresh 100% cotton fabric and lined with a soft, breathable, cotton/bamboo blend core. Their patent pending design eliminates the bulk and yet doesn’t compromise on baby’s comfort. Their vision is to inspire a generation of families to "shop clean" and "think green!"



Eco-friendly Arm Bag  $52.99 - Wine Bottle Holder $46.00

Quebec - Eco-Handbags is an online boutique offering conscientious consumers chic, unique and fashionable handbags created from recycled or eco-friendly materials. These 2 products were made at Petites-Mains, a non-profit organization based in Montreal, that promotes social and professional integration of women; especially immigrant, single, unemployed and without income.

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