Water-Saving Flowers

Reduce water use and maintenance with 5 plants that can handle a little summer neglect

With summer’s intense heat and family vacation season on the way, chances are your garden is going to be neglected at one point or another. As a result, more gardeners are choosing to xeriscape, which means planting a water-efficient garden. It requires a little homework to select plants that are drought tolerant, but it is worth the effort. Here are five of my favourite plants that can handle some neglect over the summer — perfect for a xeriscape garden.


Also known as a pot marigold, this aromatic annual tolerates drought and heat and loves full to partial sun. It grows to approximately 46 cm tall and flowers from July to the first hard frost. Its relatively wide flower head (4-7 cm), and colour options — from bright yellow to deep orange — make it a staple for water-conscious gardeners.