Understanding eco-logos

From fish to forests to fair trade, use this guide to improve your label literacy

Fair Trade CertifiedFair Trade Certified

Who’s behind it? TransFair Canada, a non-profit certification and public education organization promoting fair trade.

Found on: A wide and growing range of food, beverages, personal care items, clothing, accessories and gift products.

Ensures that: products are “green”? Well, to some extent. While the focus of Fair Trade is mostly on social justice (fair wages for workers, business based on “fairness, transparency and accountability,” no sweatshops, improved social services and development of local infrastructure), environmental requirements still play a role in TransFair’s certifying process. In addition, environmentally friendly production practices (e.g. pesticide-free agriculture) often mean better health conditions for the workers—which is an important fair-trade principle.

For more information: transfair.ca