Understanding eco-logos

From fish to forests to fair trade, use this guide to improve your label literacy

EcoLogoEcoLogo certified

Who’s behind it? The Canadian government launched the program in 1988, making the EcoLogo North America’s oldest environmental certification. The program is now managed by TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, Inc.

Found on: more than 7500 products, from paint and household products to cosmetics to coffee. Some services–such as hotels–are certified as well.

Ensures that: products meet various environmental standards and have an overall lower environmental impact than their counterparts. Criteria depend on the category of the product (that is, toilet tissue is assessed differently than hotels or engine oil), but generally include:

  • energy use;
  • amount of recycled material;
  • hazardous substances;
  • water use

Products are assessed over their entire life cycle–from the acquisition of raw materials to final disposal.

For more information: ecologo.org