Top Made-in-Canada Eco Films

Now that the National Film Board has opened its vaults to all of us, don’t miss these provocative home-grown environmental films.

Emission Admission

2007 | Directed by Sarah Lazrovic | 3 min.

Feel a searing sense of guilt every time you put a pop can in the garbage? Cringe knowing your banana peel won’t be making it to the compost bin? If you have an eco guilt complex, this three-minute animated short might just provide the absolution you need. In it, an eco-friendly couple in the early “we’re-just-seeing-each-other” stages of courtship comes clean over some of the eco mistakes they make, all to a catchy beat.  He—OMG!—leaves the tap running while he brushes his teeth, while she—say it ain’t so!—has been known to leave for work without turning out the lights! In the end, the old saying, you fall in love with someone’s flaws proves true. The result of all these emission admissions? Two confessions = a match made in heaven.

Photo credit: National Film Board of Canada