Top eco-friendly picks for back-to-school gear

Head back to class with stuff that’s both green and stylish

Dress up eco-style

Kids and young adults can head back to school in style with a wealth of cool, sustainable threads. Organic cotton is in, from H&M’s girls’ cotton jersey tops ($12.95/pack of two) and comfy leggings ($7.95) to Mini Mioche’s grampa cardi ($32.20) and Frugi Mr Croc Jeans ($30.80). When you buy a Me to We Kisaruni Tee ($44.50), you’re buying organic cotton and supporting education for girls. We like all things recycled, too—like this MEC Mass Transit Tee ($29), available in men’s and women’s versions, and made from recycled polyester. For jeans, Levi’s Water<Less collection is on our radar, thanks to its water-saving finishing process and classic good looks.

Plus: Cash in your closet or buy vintage pieces! Check out Trend Trunk,, Clothing Swap, ebay and ASOS Marketplace for second-hand threads.