Top eco-friendly picks for back-to-school gear

Head back to class with stuff that’s both green and stylish

Green your dorm room

Your dorm room may not be that neat, but you can certainly make it green! Outfit your space with eco-smart furniture and accessories, like one of these colourful, energy-efficient IKEA Sunnan lamps ($19.99 each) that are powered by a solar panel, a hemlock table ($1,150) salvaged from the Toronto Ferry Terminal Wharf, and super-soft organic jersey sheets ($192.39). Add smart green gear: a water-powered alarm clock ($29.99) and a biodegradable corn travel mug ($10.69), perfect for the student on the go. And, instead of buying textbooks, see if you can rent ’em! Check out Big Mama Textbook Rentals, and Book Mob.