Top eco-friendly picks for back-to-school gear

Head back to class with stuff that’s both green and stylish

Pick eco-smart tech gadgets

Students are more tech-savvy than ever – so we’ve rounded up gadgets with serious eco-cred. These thinksound headphones (US$99.99) are made with handcrafted, sustainable wood housing for big sound and little environmental impact. Stock up on other items made from renewables, like this trendy Grove Bamboo iPhone 4/4s case (US$99) and iZen bamboo calculator (US$29.95). Looking for a laptop? Check out Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics and stay tuned for the soon-to-be-released SOL laptop, the world’s first fully solar-powered laptop (it never needs to be plugged in. Or charge your laptop the energy-efficient way with the Voltaic Solar Laptop Charger (US$399).