A tale of inspiration...

The Development Director of the P.I.N.E. Project shares his story
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This first story above took place in High Park, one of Toronto’s largest parks. The second story took place in the wilderness of southern Vermont where a community of people has been doing this work for 10 years. P.I.N.E. stands on a lineage both young and ancient which helps me understand where we’re headed and what is possible. Ten years from now in Toronto, Sam will be one of those teen boys walking back from the woods, his own rite of passage, greeted by an entire community of adults and elders who have come to understand intimately the value and necessity of this work. What P.I.N.E. is growing from seed is a culture thoroughly rooted in nature connection, a culture that is healthy inside and out. These two stories are points in the developmental stages of a larger trajectory of cultural change and inspire me to raise the bar of what is possible in terms of our personal and cultural potential – it is dreaming a dream worth living.