Recycling Around the World

Does creative bin design help you sort your trash?

Recycling tops the list as the number one eco-action Canadians are taking, according to a 2008 report by Statistics Canada—with a 97 percent participation rate among households that are striving to be more environmental. But other recent stats indicate Canadian households still produce 13.4 million tonnes of waste, of which nearly three-quarters ended up in landfills. While the other quarter (approximately 3.6 million tonnes) gets sent for recycling, these 7-digit figures make it clear that our total waste production needs to be drastically reduced.

So what does it take to get people get in the habit of sorting their trash? Looking at how other countries encourage recycling, the answer—at least from our unscientific survey of recycling bins the world over—seems to be creative messaging and funky new receptacle designs. From quirky to wild to functional, pick your favourite design and tell us what you think Canada can learn!

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