Project CHIRP!

Gardening for Songbird Conservation

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  • A source of fresh water is very important to birds. They can waste valuable energy if they must fly long distances to find water for drinking or bathing.
  • Birdbaths should be shallow (less than 6 centimetres deep), preferably with gradually sloping sides to allow birds to wade in.
  • If you already have a source of water that is too deep, add rocks for birds to stand on.
  • Rough surfaces, such as cement, are best, but you can reduce the slipperiness by adding stones or bathtub stickers on the bottom.
  • Clean the birdbath frequently by scrubbing it out with a stiff bristled brush. If you must use soap, be sure the birdbath is rinsed well before refilling. Avoid the use of disinfectants or other strong chemicals.
  • To prevent the spread of West Nile Disease clean and refresh the water in birdbaths twice a week
  • Birds find the sound of running water hard to resist. A fountain or recirculating stream is likely to attract many birds to your yard.
  • Place the birdbath in a sunny location, at least 2 metres from dense trees or shrubs where cats can hide.
  • If your birdbath is unsuccessful in attracting birds, try changing its height and location in your garden until you find a spot that works.

With your city, suburban or cottage garden set to attract song birds - check out Project CHIRP! To help raise awareness of the importance of preservation of songbird habitat, internationally.