Project CHIRP!

Gardening for Songbird Conservation

Image From: Project CHIRP!


  • A greater variety of plants will attract a greater diversity of birds, so include a mixture of taller and shorter trees, shrubs, native flowers, and grasses.
  • Diversify the height, leaf type, and food (fruits, berries, and nuts) provided by the plants in your garden.
  • Plant shrubs and trees that provide berries well into the winter to attract fruit-eating birds such as waxwings.
  • Plant in groupings to give the “edge effect” so attractive to birds.
  • By planting native wildflowers you attract insects that feed insect-eating birds and the young of many seed eaters.
  • Allowing flowers such as sunflowers, goldenrod, coneflowers or Joe-Pye weed to go to seed will attract finches, juncos, sparrows, and other seed-eating birds.
  • You can supplement these natural food sources by adding some feeders.
  • Provide a dusting spot for birds by leaving bare a circle of sandy soil about 20 inches (50 centimetres) across in a sunny corner of your yard. This will allow birds to clean their feathers and get rid of parasites.