Project CHIRP!

Gardening for Songbird Conservation


NEWS! The Royal Ontario Museum is hosting "Songbirds and Migration: Making the Connection" on October 7 from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Read more here.

Project CHIRP! (Creating Habitat In Residential areas and Parkland) is a not-for-profit, urban-focused songbird conservation initiative aimed at raising awareness of migratory songbirds while continuing to support resident populations. It highlights the important role we each can play in their conservation.

With 3 billion migratory songbirds passion through the cities of North America each spring and fall we can all do our part to help them on this incredible journey. In the spring, the birds are on route to Canada’s boreal forest, “the songbird nursery of the north”and in the fall, they head to Latin America to ride out the winter. The songbirds fly in the black of night using stars and magnetic fields to guide them! At dawn, exhausted, hungry and thirsty, they alight into any green space they can find, including your back yard here is how to plant to attract songbirds in your area!

So help the biodiversity in your neighborhood by creating a habitat in your backyard!

Birds rely on a variety of food sources and these sources can change at different times of their life cycle. While some birds are seed eaters, others rely on the presence of insects, some eat only fruit, some live on nectar, and yet others require a combination of these foods. Birds who eat seeds as adults require insects to feed their young. By providing only seeds, you miss out on meeting the needs of many bird species.

To attract a variety of birds, consider their need for food, shelter, and water. 

In planting for birds, consider the following tips from the Canadian Wildlife Federation.