Plug' N Drive: Leading the Charge

Top 7 reasons why you should drive electric

White E CarThe electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here to stay. This past January, Plug’n Drive celebrated a significant milestone, the sale of Canada’s 10,000th EV, by hosting EV 10,000. It may seem that 10,000 is not a “significant milestone” when compared to the number of gas cars on the road. But when you consider that at the end of 2013 there were only 5,000 EVs in the country, the picture becomes clear.

In just one year the number of EVs in Canada doubled and EV sales are far outpacing the sale of hybrids when they first came out (Article: World Resources Institute). Every auto manufacturer in the world has an EV model on the road right now or is close to releasing one. Canada’s public charging infrastructure is expanding rapidly and advancements in battery technology are giving drivers more range at lower cost. It’s safe to say that EVs are no longer an “if”, but a “when” and Canada’s movement to a clean and sustainable transportation sector is well underway. Lots of people realize that EVs are the cars of the future. Here are Plug’n Drive’s top seven reasons why they’re the cars of right now.