Napa Valley Green

See California’s stunning and certified local wineries, spas and getaways

The Napa Valley is considered by many to be a food and wine paradise. This 30-mile-long fertile valley in southern California has a spectacular climate that allows for an extended and rich growing season. The land itself received special designation to be a unique agriculture and open space area since it became the first Agricultural Preserve in 1968. This helped facilitate the growth of a world-renown local food economy in the region where business owners embrace environmentally responsible practices and offer a variety of eco-friendly recreational experiences.

Among the famed wineries in The Napa Valley, nearly 40 are currently certified under the Napa Green Certified Land program aiming to restore, protect and enhance the regional watershed and provide environmental management guidelines on water conservation, energy conservation and pollution prevention.

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Image: Peju Province winery in Rutherford, image provided by the Napa Valley Destination Council.