Meet Geoff Green

Geoff dishes on what keeps him going back to the Arctic (and Antarctica) and his favorite ice cream

3. What is the biggest challenge (besides the cold) with exploring these parts of the world?

Actually the cold is not that big a deal.  We go to the Arctic and Antarctic during their respective summer months, and the temperatures are not that bad.  Rough seas and seasickness can be a challenging factor, especially while crossing the Drake Passage to reach Antarctica. The can be quite hostile environments so you need to take precautions with weather, ice conditions, glaciers and of course Polar Bears.  But they can also be the most peaceful and tranquil places on certain days.  Things can change quickly so you cannot let your guard down.

4. What has been your scariest moment during an expedition?

To be honest, there have not been too many.  There are moments that may seem scary from an outside perspective, but when you are there and when you love what you do, most of those moments just become times when you feel adrenalin pumping and you focus on the challenge and the solution.  If I had to pinpoint one moment, it was probably one day in the Falkland Islands when the wind and seas really picked up.  I was out in a Zodiac trying to make it back to the ship and the swells were so huge that I was surfing down the faces and just trying to keep the Zodiac from flipping.  It was pretty intense, scary, but also kind of fun! on ice 5_0.jpg5. What have trips to the Arctic and Antarctica taught you?

They have taught me many, many things.  I have learned much more about Planet Earth, how incredibly special this Planet really is, and why we need to due everything we can to respect and protect it.  The Polar Regions remind us that everything is interconnected, and that we are just a part of the natural world.  We don't own this spinning globe, and we don't steer it.  But we are having a significant negative impact on it.

6. What inspired you to lead others to these remote places?

I got lucky first of all to have a change to visit the Arctic in my early twenties and I was hooked.  It allowed me to explore and discover and combine my passions for education, adventure, and nature.