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Eco successes from north of the 49th parallel

Food Fighters: The Stop Community Food Centre

In a working-class neighbourhood in west Toronto, this anti-poverty organization has spent the past 30 years ensuring the good food revolution includes everybody. The Stop’s singular field-to-fork vision is of a world where food—a basic human right, regardless of income or class—doesn’t just fill you up, but is a transformative tool that brings communities together.

Mighty beyond its size and unique in North America, The Stop’s ever-growing constellation of initiatives includes cooking classes and community gardens; free breakfast and lunch programs; ingenious partnerships with local organic farms; the first perinatal nutrition program in Canada; and—perhaps most important—civic engagement training that teaches community members to agitate for real change.

A new $5 million education centre has recently taken the non-profit beyond its traditional neighbourhood borders, and, as a beacon for visitors from Brazil to Botswana, eager to reproduce its magic in their own cities, The Stop’s influence will only grow. Simply put, it offers plenty of food for thought about how we nourish body and soul.

Photo: Courtesy The Stop