LivingHomes, Nexterra Green Homes & Conquest Manufacturing Ltd

Aspiring to build LEED Platinum homes in Toronto

What makes LivingHomes unique?

LivingHomes offers beautiful, modern homes designed by world-class architects. LivingHomes are designed to be extremely functional, with flexible, open, expandable floor plans that adapt to the changing lifestyle living needs of homeowners. LivingHomes feature an extremely comprehensive environmental program that minimizes the amount of energy, water, and non-renewable resources that are used to build and operate the homes. Great care is taken to ensure that the materials in LivingHomes have minimal off gassing, which might contribute to indoor air pollution. Because LivingHomes are prefabricated, they’re able to build the homes to a far higher quality level, much faster, and with less costs compared to a similar site-built home.

What are the primary differences between a home you’d build in Southern California and a home you will build in Toronto?

  1. Obviously, there are big climate differences. For the LivingHome model LHRK6.2 is being designed and built for Nexterra Green Homes, and there is an increase in the insulation in the walls and floors.
  2. Blow-in closed cell insulation which will give the home R-38 in the walls and R-50 in the roof.
  3. FSC-certified cedar planking on the exterior, married with a fiber and cement composite rain screen system to wick moisture from the exterior of the home.
  4. Geothermal systems that use energy from the earth’s core to heat and cool the homes.
  5. Triple panel argon gas insulated doors and windows to increase insulation in the windows.
  6. All LivingHomes are engineered for habitable roof decks, which covers snow load requirements, too!

The Nexterra Green Homes' LivingHome is slated to be available for tours beginning late 2010, and the three additional LivingHomes in the eco-enclave will be available beginning in 2011. Purchase price includes the land and home and is estimated to begin at $1.6 million (Canadian).

Homebuyers who own their own land or want to build elsewhere in Canada may either work directly with Conquest to inquire about the construction of a standard LivingHome floor plan, which will be offered beginning at $200 (Canadian) per square foot, or with Nexterra in the Toronto/Calgary areas, or with LivingHomes to develop a custom LivingHome