LivingHomes, Nexterra Green Homes & Conquest Manufacturing Ltd

Aspiring to build LEED Platinum homes in Toronto

As with all LivingHomes products, these homes are designed to achieve the“Z6” environmental goals LivingHomes strives to achieve with its homes: zero energy, zero water, zero indoor emissions, zero waste, zero carbon, and zero ignorance. The LivingHomes designed for Canada include modern, open floor plans with generous exterior decks, a green roof that is solar-ready, and geothermal systems for heating and cooling. The LivingHomes feature triple-paned, argon filled glass and blown-in closed cell insulation, both of which will reduce heat loss during the Canadian winter. Low flow, high efficiency plumbing fixtures, a rainwater catchment system and a grey water system that will capture water from sinks and showers for irrigation, will all work to minimize water usage.

The idea of an eco-enclave is the brainchild of Lands and his co-managing director in Nexterra Green Homes, Barry Campbell.  “We are essentially creating an eco oasis of sustainable luxury in the middle of the city: four homes on a large, lush ravine lot that offer modern design, natural and healthy materials, exceptional energy efficiency, and fabricated for minimal construction waste,” says Campbell.  “And we’re doing it in a way that causes minimal disruption to the surrounding neighbourhood.”
Recognizing that the piece of land purchased in North Toronto is rich with natural species and not wanting to change the sensitive ecosystem of this urban forest, Nexterra Green Homes has made a substantial donation to the City of Toronto for Ravine and Natural Protection Feature initiatives. The delicate balance of the ravine at the Senlac development site will not only be free from any ill effects that home construction may impose, but it will benefit and rejuvenate from this eco community.