Interview with The Ecoholic

Adria Vasil dishes on inspirations, challenges and her fave ice cream!

As we gear up to the Green Living Show, we had the chance to catch Toronto’s own Ecoholic, Adria Vasil.

Adria, will be attending the Green Living Show and you can find her at the NOW Magazine booth from 1pm to 2:30pm on Saturday, April 24th, where the first 25 people to see Adria will get a FREE copy of her latest book Ecoholic HOME! Make sure you stop by and visit Adria, and feel free to ask her your green questions!

So what makes this Ecoholic tick? Keep reading to find out!

What inspired you to become become an ecoholic?

It was a bit of a slow build but I think part of me has been an Ecoholic since I was a tween in the late 80s. That's when I started freaking out about acid rain and oil spills. Then by the time I was 15 I stopped eating meat and maybe a year or so later I started getting weirded out by the chemicals in my shampoo so I started raiding health stores for greener products. That's around the same time that I was becoming hyper aware of all the abuses involved in actually making all the products we buy - I remember going around Toronto gluing up posters that called for a boycott of a Canadian shoe company! I think all those early passions eventually combined with my researcher and journalist jobs to bake the perfect Ecoholic cake!   

What is currently on your bookshelf?

So many enviro books I have to catch up on! I just got Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet by Bill McKibben and I plan on cracking Stewart Brand's fall 2009 release Whole Earth Discipline very soon. I sadly don't read nearly enough fiction these days but I am sneaking in chapters of Isabel Allende's Eva Luna when I find a quiet moment. I love Latin American authors. 

What is the most common thing people come to you for advice on?

Tough one! I've gotten so many questions over the years on everything from greening daycares to whether you can drink your dehumidifer water! I get a ton of questions asking whether x,y or z bodycare company or cleaning company are really all that natural.