How would you spend $1,000 to save the planet?

12 international environmental leaders tell us how they’d spend a grand to green the planet.

“I’d buy $100 worth of food straight from a nearby farmer, and then I’d donate the rest to Global warming is the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced, and is the first global attempt to take it on—and it’s working. Leaders from Al Gore to the Dalai Lama have embraced the new scientific fact that 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is the most the planet can deal with. Since we’re already past that number (387 ppm, as of May 2008), this requires radical and quick action. On October 24, will be hosting actions from the Himalayas to the Great Barrier Reef. If we pull together, by the next day, 350 will be the best-known number on the planet—and that, in turn, will reconfigure international negotiations.”

— Bill McKibben, co-founder of and author, Deep Economy: The Wealth Of Communities and the Durable Future