How would you spend $1,000 to save the planet?

12 international environmental leaders tell us how they’d spend a grand to green the planet.

“I’d gather at least 100 people in my community who were also willing to invest $1,000, and I would find some local farmers who produce a diverse array of foods. Like most farmers, they would likely be struggling to make a living from farming. Then I would launch a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project that would see the $100,000 end up in the pockets of a grain farmer, a dairy producer/cheese maker, a vegetable grower, a livestock producer, an orchardist, beekeeper, etc. All the CSA members would receive an ample supply of food throughout the year, and, by cutting out the middlemen, would put more money in the pockets of farmers.”

- Jon Steinman, producer and host of Deconstructing Dinner, Kootenay Co-op Radio, CJLY