How would you spend $1,000 to save the planet?

12 international environmental leaders tell us how they’d spend a grand to green the planet.

“I’d invest $1,000—or $500 or $100, if that’s all I had—in creating a vegetable garden. There are few things an individual can do that will have a greater impact on climate change than growing at least some food. The home gardener reduces the fossil fuel needed to grow food, deliver it to the store, or drive there to pick it up. The gardener’s soil sequesters carbon, and does not have the deep carbon footprint of a lawn. The gardener also is exercised and entertained without the use of fossil fuel—no need to drive to the gym. But perhaps just as important are the habits of mind that growing some of your own food instill: they declare your independence from the ‘cheap-energy mind’—in the words of writer and environmental philosopher Wendell Berry—that make all of us feel so hopeless in the face of the challenges a post-oil lifestyle will bring. To use your body in support of your body is the beginning of creating a different, more sustainable, way to live.”

— Michael Pollan, author, In Defense Of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

Featured in the Spring 2009 Issue of Green Living Magazine