Heidi Leverty

A Canadian photographer gives a second life to recylced objects.

At first glance, it could be some bizarre, multi-hued and multi-eyed creature or a Magic Eye puzzle that resolves into nothing. But look more closely and you’ll see an unlikely mosaic made up of aluminum juice cans, captured at a moment in their life cycle. This is the alchemical world of Toronto-based photographer Heidi Leverty, where recycled waste—computer parts, rubber bands, shredded paper—is transformed into photographs of stunning geometry and surprising delight. If form follows function, what happens when that function is no longer relevant? Maybe, Leverty suggests, it becomes art.

In her Outbox and Tincarnation series, showcased here, Leverty focuses on items that are part of our daily lives as they are transformed from trash to treasure.


Tincarnation 16
32” x 32” Signed Numbered First Edition
Pigment Print

All photographs courtesy of Heidi Leverty.