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Druide Ecological Dandrex Lotion

($11, 250 mL)

Why we like it:

Druide’s Canadian-made natural dandruff treatment is an excellent option if you’re looking to avoid harsh chemicals (such as zinc pyrithione and coal tar) found in conventional anti-dandruff products. Apply the lotion at night and let the organic plant and phytoplankton extracts soothe the scalp while you sleep.

Why it’s green:

  • Druide follows a strict ecological charter that governs ingredients, processing, packaging, transportation and advertising
  • uses no SLS, DEA, mineral oil, parabens or other synthetic preservatives
  • uses biodegradable and organic ingredients (as well as naturally-sourced wild ingredients)
  • uses fair-trade ingredients whenever possible

Where to get it:

Natural and organic stores nationwide and online at