A Green Pop-up Diner

Müvbox hits the streets, serving up local food and eco-friendly design

Talk about a “muv”-able feast! You may be familiar with pop-up shops but Montreal restauranteur Daniel Noiseux (owner of the Pizzaiolle restaurants) is bringing the concept to the food world with Müvbox, his new pop-up diner. Located in Old Port (for now!), the restaurant transforms from what appears to be a simple shipping container to a full-fledged restaurant—complete with a kitchen and dining area for up to 28—at the touch of a button.

But aside from the cool “robots-in-disguise” factor, Müvbox is also winning points on the sustainability front thanks to its earth-friendly design approach. Click through to learn more about this delicious new green concept and how it’s poised to revolutionize the food industry.