Green Cars for 2011

Check out this slideshow of new hybrids and fuel-efficient vehicles that save money and emissions, including the no-gasoline-required Nissan Leaf

There’s only one foolproof way to save money and go as green as possible on a new vehicle: pay attention to its fuel efficiency. The more kilometers a vehicle can squeeze from each litre of gasoline or diesel, the less you’ll spend in fuel every year. In addition to saving you money at the pumps, fuel-efficient vehicles contribute fewer carbon emissions and reduce our dependence on oil. Check out models you’re considering by comparing the fuel consumption ratings — including mileage for city and highway driving and estimated fuel costs per year — compiled annually by Natural Resources Canada. Flip through these photos to see some of our favourites.

Check out some of Canada’s top fuel-efficient vehicles in person — including the Nissan Leaf 20,000 people are on a waiting list to buy — at the Green Living Show from April 15 to 17, where we’ll be showcasing innovation in green transportation. Licensed drivers can even get behind the wheel of some of these cars through the Ride & Drive program. Look for the Ride & Drive in the parking lot directly across from the entrance to the Direct Energy Centre. For test-drives, sign up with automotive exhibitors on the Show floor.