Green Birthdays

From biodegradable plates to nontoxic toys, check out these ideas for a child’s birthday party

 Some parties can’t be complete without a loot bag. Though some may cringe at the waste these party favourites can produce, we found a way that will keep your tot happy and have you feeling less guilty.

Green Cricket introduced us to the Biodegradable Loot Bag! Biodegradable and compostable these gusset bags are made from environmentally-friendly plant-based products. Cost: $0.50 each.

Green Cricket offers pre-made loot bags (for boys & girls ages 3 - 6 or 7 and up for $10.00), or you can build your own.

The pre-made bags include:

  • A toy from Plan Toys - a GREAT green company.
  • Organic lollipop
  • Organic Gummy Bears
  • Smencil - our favourite item, it is a pencil made from recycled newspaper and scented with all sorts of yummy flavors.