Green Birthdays

From biodegradable plates to nontoxic toys, check out these ideas for a child’s birthday party

Greening the party gear.

From cups & plates to straws we were able to find all these party must haves in biodegradable form. Though we understand re-useable is the way to go, biodegradable items are a great and cost effective solution for parties in the park or large groups.

Here are 2 of our favourite finds for party gear:

Biodegradable Straws
500 for $4.99
Made from corn starch

Biodegradable Plates
125 for $12.99
Made from bagasse (sugarcane pulp) They are 100% biodegradable, composting in 1-4 months, depending on conditions. They have no plastic or wax linings and conform to FDA guidelines.