The Four Home Sweet Home Competition Founding Homes

Tangible and inspiring examples for those entering the 2010 competition

Photo Courtesy of Residential Energy Efficiency Project Waterloo

Founding Renovated Home: REEP House for Sustainable Living

Waterloo Region’s Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) is one of Canada’s leading home energy auditors and energy retrofit experts, having completed a staggering 10,000 home energy audits. The non-profit is working closely with two local LEED-experienced partners, sustainable design architect Whiting Design and builder Ball Construction, along with many other local partners, to create REEP House for Sustainable Living. REEP House ambitiously explores and demonstrates how to retrofit Canada’s “leakiest” category of housing – our beautiful old century homes – without losing their heritage value.

The house at 20 Mill Street in Kitchener aims to reduce energy demands by 90%, and water needs by 60%, while keeping the charm of the old house relatively intact. Rigorous materials selection and waste reduction practices were part of the goal of achieving LEED Platinum (a first for a renovation project in Canada). The team also aims to raise the home’s EnerGuide score from 44 to an impressive 89. The design approach is intentionally simple, low-tech and local -- “In a nutshell: seal the envelope, insulate heavily, and install high performance heating.”

REEP House plans to attract tens of thousands of visitors to tour the house. Using cutting edge software tools, visitors will complete their own Sustainable Home Action Plan, which models the energy savings, investment potential, comfort and health benefits and payback of everything from adding sensor light switches, to installing solar PV. The focus is on presenting solutions that people will feel empowered to implement in their own homes.