Follow the Green Brick Road

Follow the advice of The Editors to get the most out of the 2010 Green Living Show.

The Foodies Picnic

Suggested Arrival Time: 11:30am, Saturday is the best day.

Length of Trip: 8.5 hours


  • BioVino
  • Farm Fresh Fair
  • Canadian Living Cooking Stage
  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Your Route

We have made this all about Food & Travel! Food is something we love and travel helps us to appreciate the different flavors Mother Nature has to offer. So enjoy this journey!

  • Arriving at 11:30pm, just in time for lunch, we are going to recommend heading to to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture’s Farm of the Future. Enter the show and turn right. You will see the Farm of your Future on the left, across from the Farm Fresh Fare. Check out The Farm of the Future, and head up aisle 1300.
  • Now if you want to try a couple different beers, head into the Beer Tasting Lounge on the left. After a little whetting of the appetite, keep heading up aisle 1300 till you get to the Organic Council of Ontario - turn right and see what is new and exciting here and then continue down this row and you will find yourself at the end of the Direct Energy Centre and between the Organic Meadow and the President's Choice Garden Party - enjoy some lunch & Enter to win $5000 in groceries from President's Choice!
  • Around 12:30 or maybe closer to 12:45pm head up aisle 1600 (away from Farm Fresh Fare) towards the Canadian Living Cooking Stage, make sure to check out:  Fair Grounds, Fill Your Own Inc, Fromagerie L’Ancetre Cheese Factory and Goldwater Seafoods.
  • At the end of aisle 1600 turn right towards the Canadian Living Cooking Stage. It will be about 1pm so sit down and enjoy the presentation on Sustainable Entertaining - lowering your carbon footprint without sacrificing style.
  • 2pm head out of the our of the cooking stage, down aisle 1500, stop by Birds & Beans for some organic shade grown coffee and grab A Sweet Slice and then head over to aisle 1200. Stop by Steam Whistle, pickOntario (great recipes here!), and stop in at Intrepid Travel.
  • Heading over to aisle 1100 visit the CAA booth and enter to win your $1000 travel voucher. Further down this aisle, check out Scenic Caves Nature Adventure and Long Point Eco Adventures.
  • From the end of aisle 1100 head over to aisle 900 and stop by the Trees Ontario booth where you can enter to win a trip for two to the Andes & Amazon ($4,860 value). By now you have walked off your lunch, and you are right across from The Urban Forrest. If it is near 3pm you can take part in their workshop on Shade Trees for your garden or you can just enjoy the park ( as it may be after 3pm) before heading over to Farm Fresh Fare.
  • 4pm head to Farm Fresh Fare. Here is where you want to indulge and enjoy. Spend an hour sampling wonderful local food as you gear up for the big finish!
  • Finish up at BioVino for the session starting at 5pm. While there you will enjoy seminars from the following wine makers:

               5:00 pm Nicolas Joly – Coulee de Serrant
               5:45 pm Bill Redelmeier - Wine Grower – South Brook Vineyards
               6:30 pm Nicolas Joly - Wine Writer/Wine Grower – Coulee de Serrant
               7:15 pm David Paxton – Paxton Vineyards

Such a Perfect Day!