Follow the Green Brick Road

Follow the advice of The Editors to get the most out of the 2010 Green Living Show.

Fashionista Row

Suggested Arrival Time: 1:30pm, Saturday is the best day.

Length of Trip: 5 hours


  • 2pm Clara Hughes on the Main Stage
  • 5pm Colin Firth & Amy Smart on the Main Stage

Your Route Fashionistas, it is all about seeing people and shopping, so this route will allow you to come face to face with celebrities as well as find you the best in eco fashion!

  • Arriving at 1:30pm allows you to get a quick snack from the Farm Fresh Fare booth, so head into the show and turn right. You will follow this row until you see the Farm Fresh Fare stand on the right hand side. Grab a snack and head down aisle 900 (turn left out of Farm Fresh Fare), and go directly to the main stage.
  • At 2pm, listen to Clara Hughes tell her story of inspiration!
  • At 2:45, head out of the main stage and turn right towards aisle 100. Here you will find: The Organic Cotton Company, Bee 23 (perfume), Druide (skincare), Ecocessories, The Freedom Clothing Collective, and Me to We Style. WOW! That was the big aisle.
  • After aisle 100, you are going to head to aisle 200 and look for: Premier Spa Boutique, Floralee and Winmark Fashion Inc, a quick detour over to aisle 300 and you will find Eco Handbags and Gone Shopping.
  • Now aisles 400 and 500 have 2 important stops. Aisle 400 look out for the Planet in Focus Film Festival booth. This takes place in October, but is the place to be seen, so check out what events are going on around this amazing festival. Now aisle 500 look out for Ecstatic Accessory Designs (we all know accessories can make the outfit!).
  • At the end aisle 500, you will be at the front of the show (near the entrance), scoot over to aisle 1700 and look for Credo Bags (great for all types of shopping trips), Green Cricket and Soyaworld Inc.
  • Finish by heading down aisle 1800 at Alba Skin Care.
  • Now we admit that that was a marathon shop, so at 5pm head towards the main stage, via aisle 900 and watch Entertainers for a Green Economy as Colin Firth is presented with an award from Amy Smart!

Finish you day with a little BioVino as you look over your great purchases!