Follow the Green Brick Road

Follow the advice of The Editors to get the most out of the 2010 Green Living Show.

The DIY Path

Suggested Arrival Time: 11:30am Sunday (Best day for DIYers)

Length of Trip: 5 hours


  • The Bunkie Exhibit
  • 1pm Frank Ferragine - Gardening expert on BT, CityLine, CityONline and CityNews, demonstrates ways to keep out bad bugs, and attract good bugs to your garden.
  • 2pm John Bell - The Home Depot presents John Bell, host of the successful television series World's Greenest Homes, who will engage attendees with a series of Know How sessions on ecorenovations and greening your home.

Your Route home projects take energy, so we are going to start you guys off at the Farm Fresh Fare area to fuel yourself.

  1. Head into the show and turn right, staying at the front of the show. The Farm Fresh Fare booth will be on your right hand side at the end of the exhibit hall. Fuel up, getting inspired by all the local produce and head out to the main floor for 12pm.
  2. 12pm turn left out of the Farm Fresh Fare and head down aisle 1100, looking out for the American Standard Booth, Bruce Chambers Period Furniture and the CAA booth (where you can sign up to win a $1,000 travel voucher!).
  3. Turn down aisle 1000 and look out for The Zero Point (furniture), Home Depot (enter to win their Energy Star Washer & Dryer), Sheridan Nurseries and Frog Box (eco friendly containers for all your moving needs!)
  4. At the end of aisle 1000, move along the front of the show (near the entrance) where  you will come to The Urban Forrest - pick up a little inspiration here as you head down aisle 900 towards the main stage. You are going to want to spend some time at the Samsung booth for all those electronics you need in your home/office.
  5. At 1pm, get a good seat at the main stage and watch Frank Ferragine talk about gardening and then John Bell at 2pm help you with your ecorenovations!
  6. At 2:45 come out of the main stage and head down aisle 700 till you get to another Home Depot display. After a walk through here, head to aisle 500. Look out for: YUP Energy, TH Solar Wind Energy, The Little Green Cottage and SunMar Corp.
  7. At the end of aisle 500 head up aisle 400, and get ready to pace yourself here. There are a number of vendors you may wish to chat with: Toronto HydroElectric Systems, The Wind Guy, Endurand Wind Power, Sony, Sanyo and The Nationwide Energy Advisers! NOTE: Now you will pass The Bunkie in this aisle, but just glance at it and take in the rest of the vendors. 
  8. At the end of aisle 400 head up aisle 300 and head straight to The Bunkie - A living architectural exhibit demonstrating ecological building in an urban setting. Breathe Architects present the creation of a sustainable neighborhood. This design exhibit is an 800 square foot fully landscaped back yard. Sit and enjoy!
  9. From the Bunkie head across the rows to aisle 100, head towards where you entered the Show and look out for Bruce March Architect, Fastform Insulated Concrete Forms and Quest Geothermal.

With all these ideas in your mind, cross the front of the show and look for aisle 1200 where you will see the Beer Tasting Lounge! Sit and plan your next project!