Follow the Green Brick Road

Follow the advice of The Editors to get the most out of the 2010 Green Living Show.

The Green Family Route Suggested Arrival Time: 10:30am Friday (Best Day for Kids)

Length of Trip: 4 hours


  • Kid Zone
  • Canadian Living Food Stage
  • 12:30pm  Ministry of Environment, Youth Day Forum
  • 1pm Tom Barlow
  • The Urban Forrest

Your Route - Friday

With kids being in the car (for any length of time, long or short), they will be itching to stretch their legs,  when you first arrive, so let them burn some energy by heading right to the Kid Zone:

  1. Head into the show and turn left, go all the way to the end of the row and look for  look for aisle 100.
  2. Once you see aisle 100 head straight to the end and you will see a big castle which will indicate that you have arrived at the Kid Zone. The Kid Zone is fully enclosed with one entry and exit, so you little eco-warriors can run around safely. While there make sure to check out The Earth Rangers Show (with live animals) at 11am.
  3. At 11:30am, those little ones will be getting hungry, so head to out of the Kid Zone and head across the aisles to the other end of the direct Energy Centre, and just as you pass between the Chevrolet booth and the Toyota booth you will see the an area full of booths offering up food. Here your hungry little ones can munch on samples or lunch from (and this is just some of the booths that will there):

                   President’s Choice (Don’t forget to enter to win $5000 in groceries)
                   Organic Meadow
                   Veggie Paradise
                   Urban Harvest
                   Taste of Nature
                   Terra Chips
                   Arthur's Fresh Smoothies!

While chowing down, check out what is cooking at the Canadian Living Cooking Stage!

After Lunch:

  1.  At 12:30, head over to the main stage while you digest and watch Ministry of Environment, Youth Day Forum Special guests will be speaking with students on how to “add it up“ by taking action to protect the environment. Tyson Jerry and Cloe Whittaker from Driven to Sustain will also be sharing tips on sustainable living and talking about their world record-breaking journey across North America in "The Green Machine" — a van powered exclusively by waste vegetable oil.
  2. 1pm Tom Barlow  - will share his musical messages on how you can do your part to help save the planet. He is also a former high school teacher who has been to the Arctic on several occasions, where he performed and studied climate change with leading scientists.
  3. At 1:30pm head out from the main stage and spend the last hour making your way to the exit by coming down Aisle 700, look for the Home Depot booth (enter to win their washer and dryer!). Check out the WWF booth (kids can adopt and animal), stop in and let your kids do a little yoga at the Yoga Sanctuary Booth.
  4. Finish at The Urban Forrest at about 2pm where you and the kids can play and learn about bees at their workshop hosted by Evergreen.

Your kids will love being able to play, eat and learn. We hope the drive home will be full of chatter about the show or quiet due to exhausted and sleeping kids!

*NOTE: If you come Saturday or Sunday, keep this route but use this alternative for to the Youth Day Forum or seeing Tom Barlow.

12:30pm - Head down Aisle 700 and hit The Urban Forrest at 1pm for their Jam making workshop.

1:30pm head over to aisle 200 where you can visit the LUSH booth to pick up some soaps for Mom, and at the end of this aisle is Baby on the Hip, a great eco-store for kids cloths and across from the Kid Zone if they need one more run around before heading out to the car!