Follow the Green Brick Road

Follow the advice of The Editors to get the most out of the 2010 Green Living Show.

We, The Editors, thought we would help you out, by putting you on a path to having a successful Green Living Show.

It can be a quite the feat getting around the show, and the plan you had of starting from one end of the Direct Energy Centre and working your way to the other end, may not take into account the special events, the attention span of your toddler or even lunch! So let us help you, let us guide you.

We have 4 routes for you:
The Green Family Route - for all of you with kids under 11 (especially those with strollers)
The DIY Path - have a home “project” you are tackling, jump on this path.
Fashionista Row - for those looking to green their style (great for young teens too!)
The Foodies Picnic  - mark this route as the path to a foodie’s paradise.

Each Route takes into account:
Arrival Time
Length of trip
Special Shows of interest
Exhibitors you may find interesting

Your tool - a show floor map, though maps are available at the show, get a jump start by printing this PDF and marking the route you chose from above. Click here and on the right had side, click the menu item “Floor Plan PDF”.

Here we go!