Fair Trade and Fabulous

Sustainable and fairly sourced ingredients can work wonders on your skin.

istockphoto.com/eefauscanWe all crave smooth, glowing skin—and, by extension, the beneficial oils and natural plant extracts that can help us achieve this youthful look. But most of nature’s miracle ingredients don’t come from Canada: shea butter and argan oil are from Africa, ojon oil from Central American rainforests, and shikakai is a South Asian specialty.

While some of these sought-after ingredients are the economic lifeline of the communities that produce them, they are sometimes at the centre of unsafe and exploitative trading practices. For Canadian consumers, we can lessen our impact by choosing skincare products with fairly traded ingredients. This helps support producer communities by ensuring workers are paid a fair price and work in safe and healthy conditions. It also encourages building community work co-operatives, and applying more environmentally friendly practices which will contribute to improving overall sustainability.

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Image courtesy istockphoto.com/eefauscan