Enviro Heroes

Meet 7 Canadians who are leading us toward a greener future.

There’s no better time of year to celebrate environmental leadership, so let us introduce you to seven indisputable overachievers.

Meet environmental activist Tzeporah Berman who took on Victoria’s Secret and is now working to combat an even bigger foe: global warming. Meet another activist, Rick Smith, who has made the battle against the toxic manmade chemicals our environment personal by experimenting on himself. And meet a couple of eco-entrepreneurs who decided not to compromise on what they fed their children, and are helping make top-quality baby food available to all Canadians.

Plus: We profile sustainable designer who has worked to change the face of Windsor, Ontario, a feisty politician who will be making her voice heard at this year’s climate talks in Copenhagen, and a dedicated filmmaker working to solve the world’s addiction to plastic.

image courtesy istockphoto.com/RBfried