Endangered Species in Canada

From orcas to owls, help your kids get to know Canada’s species at risk and how to protect them

2/ Woodland caribou

In 2001, there were over 44,000 of them, but their numbers are steadily decreasing on account of forest habitat destruction carried out in pursuit of energy production, logging and urban development. Get up close and personal with a massive migrating caribou herd through Being Caribou, a beautiful feature-length documentary that you can watch for free at nfb.ca.

Did you know? Woodland caribou are excellent swimmers and their coats are made up of hollow hairs that trap air to help them float and keep them warm.

Region: Boreal forests across Canada, except in the Maritimes and Nunavut

Take Action: Join the savethebou.org project that aims to raise awareness about Canada's largely unprotected boreal forest.


image courtesy istock/Sergey Chushkin