Eco Tips for Caribbean Trips

Choose eco-friendly activities

Explore the island on foot, mountain bike, or horseback or find out about the local bus system. If you must rent a car, ask if they have hybrids. Some islands like Bonaire even rent solar-powered cars. And opt for tours that use nature power like sailing trips rather than motorized speed boats and jet skis. Choose activities like windsurfing, kite boarding, kayaking, zip lining and blokarting (wind-driven land carts) to name just a few. And seek out tour operators that specifically offer environmentally friendly holidays like Caribbean Wind and Sun Vacations that offers eco tours of Antigua.

Conserve energy

Photo unavailableDon’t waste water and energy in your hotel room. Don’t leave the lights or the air conditioning on when you’re gone. Don’t have your beds made every day to conserve water for washing the sheets.  Reuse towels and take showers instead of baths… there’s lots you can do.  You can also seek out accommodations that are officially certified by Green Globe—an international organization that awards businesses that practice environmental sustainability. Visit: Green Globe