Chef Anna Olson: A Chat & Some Summer Recipes

Try her Chilled Grilled Seafood Salad, Marinated Flank Steak and Poached Salmon with Basil Mousseline!
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How do you know what combination of flavors will go together?

When cooking with fresh ingredients, what grows together goes together. Don't be afraid to combine herbs, layer them. Mint and basil with eggplant, is a thing of beauty.

Favorite tools in the Kitchen?

You need a good knife and a good cutting board, I am big fan of the bamboo cutting board. Bamboo does not scar and it is anti-bacterial with the added benefit of being a renewable resource. Also, a heavy bottom pot, Le Creuseut has a great one that can go from stove to table.

What is your biggest learning as a chef?

Forgive yourself the mistakes, even I mess up my own recipes.

Now the recipes!