Chef Anna Olson: A Chat & Some Summer Recipes

Try her Chilled Grilled Seafood Salad, Marinated Flank Steak and Poached Salmon with Basil Mousseline!

Canadian Chef, Anna Olson, is a familiar name in many households - and not just in Canada. With the launch of her new book Fresh, we got Anna to share some tips and insight into local cooking.

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What do people need to remember when it comes to cooking with fresh ingredients?

Cooking with fresh ingredients is not just about produce, dairy, meat and fish. It is also about the style of cooking for the season. Winter cooking, where produce is at a premium, especially meat, it is all about slow cooking cheaper meats that become tender through the cooking process. Summertime is hot and great produce is easy and cheaper to find, so it is all about grilling outside and using premium meats where the flavor is brought out by the style of cooking.

What is your favorite cooking season?

Fall for its style of cooking, that slow cooker and the first roasted chicken of the season is great.

What are you tips for shopping the Farmer's Market?

  • Bring your own bags
  • Bring small change
  • Scope the market first, do a lap to see what is available before making a purchase.
  • Buy what you need - though I struggle to do this, I always end up with more than I need.
  • Remember market produce needs little preparation as everything is so flavorful!