Canadian-made Bamboo Clothes

Sustainable and fashionable: Miik dresses look great and last for years

We’d never heard the term “slow fashion” before we discovered Miik, a new lifestyle line of Canadian clothing made of 10 per cent spandex and 90 per cent certified organically farmed bamboo. Husband and wife Michael Gaughan and Donna Smith chose the durable fabric because, with proper care, it doesn’t fade or lose its shape like other fabrics; combine that with classic-modern styles and you’ve got clothing that will last for years. It’s the opposite philosophy of the highly perishable $6 flip flops sold in grocery stores, and they hope the collection will encourage us to reconsider our relationship with clothing.

We like the company’s transparency about their process. Bamboo is wonderfully fast-growing but it isn’t perfect due to transportation emissions from Asia and chemicals required in processing. But Miik’s production process is a closed-loop system to minimize harm to the environment along the way. The line’s footprint shrinks for Canadians because the pieces are designed, milled and crafted in and around Toronto.

Browse these picks from their women’s spring 2011 collection and see the complete line for women and men online. The fall 2011 collection will include Tencel (a biodegradable fabric made from wood cellulose pulp), organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics.

Photo: Michael Gaughan and Donna Smith