8 Priceless National Parks

It's impossible to put a value on these amazing destinations. These beautiful oases have helped define a country and will continue to shape its future.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

It’s hard to prepare for the spectacular scenery that Cape Breton offers: the winding main highway leads you through small fishing villages (and their glorious home-cooked seafood fare) to find incredible ocean views, pebble beaches, lush forests and steep mountaintop trails. Visit a river canyon and watch for Atlantic salmon in the deeper pools along the Trous de Salmon Trail at Chéticamp Campground.

Eco Fact: In 2008, 25 American martens—giant, squirrel-sized weasels—were released into the park. The species has been listed as endangered since 2001, when the population was estimated at fewer than 50 animals.