8 Priceless National Parks

It's impossible to put a value on these amazing destinations. These beautiful oases have helped define a country and will continue to shape its future.

Banff National Park, Alberta

Our national parks system was born with Banff National Park in 1885. Visit the Cave and Basin National Historic Site for an introduction to the area, then get ready for the big wild. One of the area’s most popular hikes is Tunnel Mountain. It’s starts in the town of Banff and leads visitors to a spectacular lookout point, taking in the Bow Valley and Mt. Rundle. For the more adventurous, head deeper into the park. There’s more than 1600 kilometres of defined trails to choose from.   

Eco Fact: The Banff Springs snail, a species that thrives in the harsh conditions of Sulphur Mountain’s hot springs, is an endangered species protected under federal law.