7 easy ways to green your commute

Reduce the carbon footprint of your daily travel

Get a tune-up

For some of us, going car-free is just not practical. Fortunately, there are still ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Upgrade to an electric or hybrid vehicle. Thanks to CAA’s new consumer portal, you can read about the types available in Canada, find a charging station or keep up to date on government incentives.
  • Look for cars with the greatest fuel efficiency. Check out Natural Resource Canada’s Fuel Consumption Guide, which provides fuel-consumption estimates for specific vehicles. Here are some of AJAC’s Canadian Green Car Award finalists to choose from.   Bonus—plan to test drive some of the leading models at the annual Green Living Show.  
  • Keep your car in shape. For every litre of gasoline burned, approximately 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide are produced. Reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 percent by keeping the tires properly inflated and having the engine checked regularly. For inspiration to really max your mileage, check out websites like ecomodder and CleanMPG, which are devoted to the fine art of hypermiling.
  • Don’t idle! According to Dads Against Dirty Air, you could save $200 to $300 in fuel each year.