7 easy ways to green your commute

Reduce the carbon footprint of your daily travel

Take public transportation

According to the Clean Air Commute, one fully loaded bus replaces 57 single-occupant cars on the road; one subway or train replaces 1,100 to 1,500 cars! That means cleaner air and less congestion, and if you switch to public transportation, your wallet will thank you, too: Transport Canada reports that the average cost of travel per person per kilometre in Canada is $0.50 by car and $0.12 by public transit. Plus, transit users might be eligible for tax credits.

Not a regular transit user? Leave the car at home more often. Taking public transportation even once a week equals huge carbon savings. Use your new-found free time to read the news or listen to an audiobook without distractions. Map your route using Google Maps, which now provides directions and estimated times for a variety of transportation options. Live in the GTA? Check out findtheway.ca, a portal created by Metrolinx to view maps and transportation info, from GO to the TTC to cycling routes.

Tip: Tell your MP you want public transportation options that use clean fuel or renewable energy.