7 E-bikes That Are Revolutionizing Our Streets

A greener option than most vehicles, electric bikes could transform commuting—especially in summer.

Canadians are revved up about a new way of getting around town if the buzz at the Green Living Show in late April is any gauge. In an effort to keep fit, save money and reduce their carbon footprint, many Canadians are investing in this new technology. Like a regular bike with pedals, an e-bike also has an electric motor to help you go faster (up to 32km/h!), or let you take a break and cruise a little when you get tired.

You can use the motor all the time to make riding easier, or pedal normally and just use the motor to help out on hills and against headwinds.  The ride is smooth and silent, and meant to complement rather than overpower your cycling efforts, and the experience is entirely different from riding a gas-powered moped or motorbike. 

The ecological benefits of e-biking are substantial, including low carbon dioxide emissions when compared to driving a car or taking a bus.

It’s also easier on your wallet than a car or bus pass. Operating costs for an e-bike include: typical purchase price of $1,000 to $2,000; less than 0.5 cents of electricity per km driven; insurance - $0; plates/license - $0; parking - $0; maintenance - $150/year (estimate). 

Here we show you some of the best, most affordable and most environmentally friendly e-bikes out there.