100-Mile Thanksgiving Menu

Swap this for that to green your holiday meal


Swap: A store-bought pie for a homemade one.

Eco-factor: Call me a purist, but there’s nothing like homemade apple or pumpkin pie. So, if there’s one thing you should do for your stomach this Thanksgiving, it’s make your own dessert—and steer clear of those sugary, canned pie fillings from the grocery store in favour of fresh fruit. Roasting a pumpkin and making your own pie filling really isn’t that hard, if you plan ahead! Even easier is chopping up any number of regional varietals of organic apples. (I like them tart, e.g., Northern Spy.)

Making a truly local pie isn’t easy though because it’s tricky to get your hands on Canadian flour for the crust. There is a small food revolution taking place in Canada, though, that is making a Canadian wheat varietal called Red Fife (Ontario) more common than ever. And there is even another varietal being farmed in B.C.

photo courtesy istockphoto.com/Floorjte

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